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Ebooks are "electronic books". They are books that are not printed on paper. Instead, they come as a computer file that you can download and read on your computer.

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Many ebooks come with a "Resell Rights" Licence, which means that having purchased the ebook on this site, you are then legally entitled to sell copies of it and keep all of the money you make.

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How To Use Squeeze Pages
(And Why You Should)

One Sales page isn't going to do it.

Only about 15 percent of people who would buy an item, will do so the first time they see it. So if people view your web site sales page, and move on, then unless you have a way to show them your product a second time, you have lost potential sales.

Thats why "squeeze pages" have come into their own. What are squeeze pages, and how do they work? This ebook will fill you in on the details, show you examples, and tell you where you can get inexpensive items to help you. Includes Full Resale Rights.   [ebk1153]

Just $1.95

Rebrander for "How To Use Squeeze Pages"

If you have bought the above ebook, you can resell it. Would you like to put your name, Your website, and the URL into the ebook? You can, by buying the Rebrander software. Includes Instructions. Please note: you can resell the ebook, but you cannot resell the rebrander. It is protected by copyright.  This works in your favour, too - more info inside the ebook.  [sft1008]

Just $0.99

101 Short Sharp Articles To Help Your Business Succeed

From Linda and Neil Shearing, of the Scam-Free-Zone, 101 short sharp articles (as the title hinted) to help you make a success of your online business. [ebk1187]


HTML Encryptor Software

The Html Encryptor can quickly and effectively encrypt your entire website or just one page, or EBook source files. Create backups as you encrypt and preserve your precious Meta Tags! Keep others from viewing your source code! Prevent printing, offline viewing, caching, disable right clicking, text selection, hide your links, and you can even choose what you want it to say in the status bar!   [sft1006]

Price: $1.95 (USD)


Can't see the image above? Your browser settings are not letting you see "active content" - you need to change the settings. The image above is a harmless flash file.

PDF Format, suitable for PCs and Macs.   [ebk1146]

Just $1.95

Squeeze Page Simple

Fact: If you're not using Squeeze Pages you letting most of your customers - people who would buy - go with their money still in their pockets.

Squeeze Page Simple is a new software program that will help you use the squeeze page marketing tactic to it's fullest.

This program is fully loaded to completely automate the squeeze page process and instantly start making you money!     [sft1009]

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Master Web Graphics

Web graphics are more important than you might think. Pages that are more attractive, get read more. Pages sell more if they contain relevant graphics - for example, images of ebook covers or boxes dramatically increase sales.

This ebook contains a number of movies which demonstrate how to perform various functions in a web graphic program which you can obtain free. Louis Allport has put together for you ten very quick and easy steps that are guaranteed to make you very confident working with web graphics of all shapes and sizes. You'll be able to create your web sites quicker, make them look even better, help to sell more of whatever you're selling online, create even better looking eBay auctions ... even perhaps rent out your graphics services for a fee!

If you've never worked with graphics before, are new to working with graphics, or want a refresher course, or just want to improve your webmaster skills, read on...   [ebk1125]

Price: $1.95 (USD) | Read More


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