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What are Ebooks?
Ebooks are "electronic books". They are books that are not printed on paper. Instead, they come as a computer file that you can download and read on your computer.

What is Resell Rights?
Many ebooks come with a "Resell Rights" Licence, which means that having purchased the ebook on this site, you are then legally entitled to sell copies of it and keep all of the money you make.


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You give us the ebook, a cover image (if you have one), the text you'd like to use as your ebook description and sales spiel, and your financial processor (PayPal, Clickbank or similar) information (e.g. the form code you get from Paypal after inputting your ebook's sales details).  You'll receive all the sales income directly from your financial processor.

We are currently rebuilding and refreshing our website.  When that is completed we will begin an advertising program, and your ebook will be featured at times in that advertising.

We are a small "dad and mum" website store, but we are confident that in time we will become a respected online ebook business.

Note: We do not accept strong erotic, pornographic or illegal material. We reserve the right to reject ebooks which do not fit within our parameters without stating a reason.

Sell your ebook on Hermit's Ebooks

If you are wishing to write your own ebook, may we suggest the following ebooks which are sure to be a help to you.

Kindle Fiction Writing Guide

Writing Fiction for Kindle Some people are born to write fiction, but getting it done can seem to be difficult.

Well, it's now easier than ever before to be an "indie", a self-publishing author.

The obstacles have been removed.  You can write with the 100% certainty that your work will be published.

Still, you need the discipline to finish what you started (far more books are started than are ever finished), and you need the knowledge of how to structure your story, how to plan, how to make characters that are believable and interesting, how to develop the story, and so much more.

This ebook will give you all that.
Writing for Kindle can be extremely profitable.
I wrote a book 11 years ago, and published it for Kindle and listed it on Amazon. While it hasn't been a best-seller, the money has kept trickling in - for 11 years, and I see no reason why it won't continue to make money for the next 11 years. I've made thousands out of that book. It's probably the best paid work I've ever done - You can bet I'm writing many more. It's fun and addictive! [ebk1179]

Write, Create, Promote and Sell
A Complete Guide to Selling Your Own Ebooks on the Internet
Ebook Cover

by Dirk Dupon. Updated by Hermit Green.

The Internet Age has brought an unprecedented revolution in writing and publishing. Now anyone can not only write a book, but publish it on the Internet as an ebook and make good money! No huge expensive print run, transportation costs and stocking inventory on shelves. No trying to convince a conventional publisher that your book will be a money-maker.

Now you can do it yourself!!

This is a NEW, UPDATED and EXPANDED edition of a previously circulated ebook. It contains all the up-to-the-minute  (June 2018) information you need to become an "Indie" (i.e., a new independent author and self-publisher). It also contains a wealth of links to web sites where you can obtain all the services you need for FREE!

You will learn how to write your ebook, what software you need, how to compile your ebook into any of the four available formats ("exe", PDF, Epub and Mobi), how and where you can sell it, and how to promote it. This is your best ever opportunity.

Now is the time to stop thinking about it and start producing your first ebook. The information in this ebook will help you every step of the way.  [ebk1001]

ebook is an exe (executable) pdf version
Only available from Amazon

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Ewen Chia's Ebook Money Machine

Ewen Chia's Ebook Money Machine

by Ewen Chia

"Rake In Real Cash 24/7 With Your Own Ebook Business In A Week From Now - It's Like Having Your Own Private Money Machine!"

It doesn't matter if you're brand new to the Internet, or don't want to work hard, or you can't write can make a killing fast with this simple, proven system...and build a successful business that lets you retire to your beach house!

29 Pages.

+ Great Bonuses | Read More

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What is a Rebrander?

Many "exe" format ebooks come with the facility to allow you to place an solidisement for your website or product on a number of pages within the ebook. This is called "rebranding" and is very useful for people who buy ebooks to resell. You need to have the "Rebrander" software to put your ads inside the ebook.

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