What are Ebooks?
Ebooks are "electronic books". They are books that are not printed on paper. Instead, they come as a computer file that you can download and read on your computer.

What is Resell Rights?
Many ebooks come with a "Resell Rights" Licence, which means that having purchased the ebook on this site, you are then legally entitled to sell copies of it and keep all of the money you make.


Guide to Selling This Ebook

+ 12 Master Resale Rights Ebooks

12 MRR you can resell

You can start your own online business by buying and selling other people’s ebooks.

This is a very special ebook.  It contains the ebook “Hermit’s Guide to Selling Ebooks”. It also contains 12 “Private Label Rights” ebooks which you can resell (legally) and keep all the proceeds.  It’s a great hobby and spare-time pursuit, but can become a full-size business and a full-time income if you want and work at it.

• Guide to Selling This Ebook
• 12 MRR Ebooks you can sell (and keep the profits)
• MRR Licence.

An excellent start to your Ebook Empire.  Why not get started today?  [ebk1188]

The Ebook Process

There is a better way to sell ebooks on eBay. Use the correct process and your sales will inevitably increase.

The Ebook Process is nothing new or groundbreaking. It will not even revolutionise the way you sell information products. In fact there's a chance that you are implementing some part of The Ebook Process already. However, if you're not using The Ebook Process to its full potential then you are missing out on some additional revenue.

So what is The Ebook Process? It's simply a process you must follow in order to maximise your earning potential from every ebook sale. The Ebook Process begins when you sell an ebook on eBay, and if you miss part of the process you are losing money. Simple as that. Inside this 11 page ebook, The Ebook Process is explained to you step-by-step, with screenshots, in order to let you learn how to maximise your earning potential from each ebook sale.   [ebk1104]

Resell It On Ebay

"The Secrets to Selling the Single Most Profitable Type of Product there is…And Keeping 100% of the Profit from Every Single Sale You Make!"

As easy as selling information products on eBay(i.e., ebooks) is, there are still some things you absolutely MUST learn in order to start selling info products successfully. And that is exactly what you'll learn in the Resell It On Ebay ebook.  [ebk1110]

Blogger's Guide to Profits

Blogger's Guide to Profits
Give me 1 hour and I'll teach you how to shift your business into 5th gear with the untapped power of blogs!
Smart business owners are using blogs to promote new ventures, new products, establish relationships with customers, and make lots of money in the process.

If you care about your business, you simply can't afford to ignore this message.

Let me tell you ...

•   The secret weapon that gets customers passionate about your brand...
•  The secret weapon that sprouts profitable relationships with your customers...
•  The secret weapon that can turn a faceless, scary company into a business with the human and comforting touch...

I promise my report will be to your business like an oil change is to your car. Your challenge is to get my report today and see how long it takes you to start blogging. (With my help, my guess is 30 minutes from now!)   [ebk1113]

597 Letters

597 Ready To Use Sales Letters and Business Forms

With the 597 Business Letters Library you will never be at a loss for words. This easy to use collection provides you with almost any type of business letter you can imagine. Just select the document you need and change the names and address to suit your needs.

Not only will you save valuable time with these ready to use examples, you'll save money, too! Whether you need a lease or a response to a credit check request, you'll find in within the 597 Business Letters Library.

This powerful tool is a must have for every small business.   [ebk1123]

Price $1.95 | More Information

Affiliate Marketer's Handbook

The Essential Guide To All Would-Be Affiliate Marketers.

Did you know that it is quite possible to make a good income selling other people's products on the Internet? Many, many people are doing it, and sales are growing.

There are thousands of information products online that you can sign up to promote as an affiliate. You publicize the products in any number of ways, and when you forward a customer to the product's web site and they make a purchase, you get a commission, sometimes more than 50% of the purchase amount.

Over time you can develop a marketing business selling thousands of other people's fast-selling products. This ebook will give you a good insight into this way to make money on the Internet.   [ebk1126]

Price $1.95

List Bandit Expert

What is List Bandit?

List Bandit is a list building matrix that allows you to grow a large network of people you can send email promotions to. In essence, you refer people to the program, and once they join they will be in your mailing down line. Also, anyone these people refer will be in your mailing down line, or personal matrix. With a little effort, you can create a list of many, many people who agree to receive your ads via email.

List Bandit is an excellent way to get your list started. A lot of things go into a successful list building strategy, but this program will help you get the ball rolling very nicely.   [ebk1132]

A Beginner's Guide to Starting A High-Income Business On The Internet

In 1996, I (the author of this manual) tried my hand at starting an online business. What I found was a bit disturbing, and at the same time, exciting. The online world was literally filled to the gills with charlatans and con-artists.

So what did I do? I jumped in head first, but I did it a little differently. To make a long story short, I left my 9 - 5 job that very same year. The Internet “gold rush” (as many have called it) was underway. The next few years brought knowledge and income far beyond my expectations. This ebook is my attempt to “give back”.  Executable file (".exe") for PCs, will not work on Macs.    [ebk1143]

Just $1.95

Expired Domain Fortunes Ebook
Expired Domain Fortunes
Expired Domain Fortunes
There's one clever tactic that "in-the-know" online marketers have been using to get traffic that was built up by someone else.

From time to time websites close.  When it is time for the owner to renew his purchased domain name, he walks away. Sometimes, these sites have been receiving traffic.  If you can be Johnny-on-the-spot and grab that domain name, its traffic can now be directed to your site.

PDF Format, suitable for PCs and Macs.   [ebk1146]

Just $1.29

Ebay Zero To Hero

Why Ebay?

How many businesses do you know that you can start without having to lease a building, buy a lot of equipment, pay a franchise fee, bring on a lot of employees, and all the overhead that normally comes with a brick and mortar type store? An advantage of an eBay business is that you can start and stop it on a dime.

This ebook gives good coverage of how to start and grow an ebay-based business. There's a lot of ebooks about ebay; I recommend this as one worth reading.   [ebk1148]

Just $1.95

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