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What are Ebooks?
Ebooks are "electronic books". They are books that are not printed on paper. Instead, they come as a computer file that you can download and read on your computer.

What is Resell Rights?
Many ebooks come with a "Resell Rights" Licence, which means that having purchased the ebook on this site, you are then legally entitled to sell copies of it and keep all of the money you make.


Ebook Cover - Product Launch StrategiesProduct Launch Strategies

I'll Show You The Amazingly Simple 'Step By Step' Methods Used To Successfully Launch Your Online Products To An Eager Audience That Is Ready To Buy...".

Ever wondered how some of the Big Players sell 250 copies of a new information product in 24 hours? The author says it's all in the "Launch Plan" [ebk1024]

Product Launch Secrets 1 .. 2 .. 3

"Listen In As I Show You My Step By Step Methods To Successfully Launch Online Products To A Hungry Audience That I Can Guarantee Will Buy From You..."

If you are serious about making money with information products, you have to know how to launch them with a bang! I'm about to teach you exactly how to launch your products for the absolute most profit!   [ebk1025]

Making Cash With Your Own Dating Web Site

There are many people looking for a significant other, and these days one of the easiest ways to meet others is at a dating web site.

This ebook takes you step-by-step through the process of creating and establishing your own dating web site, and recommends resources that can help you do this. A good read, but not exhaustive.

Note: This ebook comes as a flash file (.swf), and may not work on Macs.  [ebk1102]

Just $1.95

The Best Free eBook

The Best Free Ebook includes:

• 44 free ebooks - 20,351KB in total (browse)
• 32 different ebook authors (browse)
• 5,000+ affiliate links inside the ebooks you can brand free
• 61 affiliate links you can customize if you're ready to make some REAL money - while giving the Best Free Ebook away.

Download this ebook, then open it - inside are links to all of the above which you can then download for free!  Resell Rights included.   [ebk1026]

Build A Huge List

If you're an Internet marketer you will know that the money is in the list. (For the rest, it means you need to build a big email list that you can sell to.)

This ebook will help you do that - build a huge list using free tools. 16 page report, with resell rights. This comes as a zip file. The ebook is a pdf file, and a "rebrander" is included, with a web sales page.   [ebk1095]

Free Online Advertising

Completely updated for Web 2.0! This valuable eBook reviews all of the best tactics and techniques that anyone who markets on the internet needs to be aware of!

I probably don’t have to tell you that the Internet is full of free advertising. It comes in many forms, from websites that advertise other websites, to text-box ads on the sides of pages, to spyware, spam, blogs, bookmarking tools, & auto-surfing …

There are almost too many ways to get visitors to your website or blog now, because creative entrepreneurs are figuring out new ways to do it daily.
This industry has grown so large in fact that there are even many FREE ways to get traffic to your website. Legitimate traffic for free… And plenty of it, too. This represents an awesome opportunity for new business owners without a huge advertising budget.

That’s what this Encyclopedia is all about. I’ve spent years exploring, building, and testing these resources, and I’m going to share them all with you today. I’m even going to review them all for you with quick-glance indicators that reflect each free traffic source’s Quantity (how many visitors you can get), Quality (how targeted the visitors can be to your niche.), and Time to Delivery (How fast all of your traffic can arrive.)  PDF file viewable on PCs and Macs., 79 pages.  [ebk1129]

Price $1.95

101 Short Sharp Articles on Internet Marketing

I am going to have an ebook Guide To Selling This Ebook that refers and links to this ebook.  [ebk1182]


Unleashing The Idea Virus

I am going to have an ebook Guide To Selling This Ebook that refers and links to this ebook.  [ebk1183]

MUST be Free

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