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What are Ebooks?
Ebooks are "electronic books". They are books that are not printed on paper. Instead, they come as a computer file that you can download and read on your computer.

What is Resell Rights?
Many ebooks come with a "Resell Rights" Licence, which means that having purchased the ebook on this site, you are then legally entitled to sell copies of it and keep all of the money you make.

"Regret for the things you did can be tempered by time; it is regret for the things you did not do that is inconsolable." - Sidney J. Harris

Write, Create, Promote and Sell Your Own Ebooks

by Dirk Dupon

They say everyone has at least one book in them. This manual will show you exactly how you too can write, create and sell an E-book on the Web in 4 chapters.

I wrote this book from my own experience as an E-book author and publisher, and I'm 100% confident that once you have read it, you'll be able to launch your own profitable E-book on the Web.

Dirk Dupon has been active online since the very beginning of the Internet. He is the author of "Web Site and E-zine Promotion Made Easy!" E-book, and the webmaster of Smart-Web-Promotion.com.  Dirk publishes the "SmartPromotion Newsletter" and writes articles about E-book and Internet Marketing and Promotion for other business Newsletters.        [ebk1001]

Just $1.29

Sara Brown's Ultimate Income Plan

Sara Brown's Ultimate Income EbookIf you’ve been losing sleep worrying about your finances, hating your job and wondering why you can’t make any real money online ... here’s something GUARANTEED to keep you awake tonight!

“One of the LAST few genuine ‘hidden money making methods’ left”

I regularly make over a thousand pounds in just two days from Ebay BUT –

  • I don't sell a single THING!
  • My Ebay fees are just virtually non-existent whenever I use this method.
  • I have almost NO competition – most people don’t see the hidden money just waiting for them on Ebay, or if they do they keep very quiet about it.  
  • In fact most people probably know nothing about this system - this is a different way of working Ebay. 
  • The ‘secret’ Ebay ID I use has feedback of less than 100, NO Powerseller status YET without having to use featured auctions, fancy ‘tools’ or any kind of expensive listing I can bring in thousands of Pounds in a very short time. I could use my own ID but I prefer to use a separate one.
  • Absolutely anyone can do this – ‘Newbie’ or Powerseller alike, yet this is one of the LAST few genuinely ‘hidden money making methods’ left.

I make a very good income from a number of different money-making methods. This is by far the easiest, quickest and most effective method I use. It’s also my favourite.  I’m not talking about sales from my ebooks either – this is a completely separate venture that I’d like to share with you. I cannot believe more people don’t know about this.  The information in this ebook helped me to develop a lifestyle that I thank God for every day!

• You DON’T need a product.
• You DON’T have to have experience with this system
• You DON’T need any money to set this up
• I’ll show you how I do it using real life examples
• You don’t have to write an ebook. This is NOT about writing ebooks!
• See the screenshots of how I make money from this method
• Screenshots of the payments arriving in my account!
• I’ll explain fully how you can do the same.

So where’s the catch?   There are two:

  1. You’ll have to put some work in.
  2. You may have to admit that you’ve wasted a lot of your life working for the wrong person. Now it’s time to start working for the right person – YOU.   [Less]

Make the first step in changing your life now, 


Selling for $15.83 AUD here!  Our price: $1.29

PDF, Mobi and Epub Formats


Make Money The Easy Way



Paid in to your account within 24 hours … With this information you can make money immediately, then continue earning through the year. Resell Rights included.

* Note: I do not endorse the contents of this ebook. Don't buy this ebook without getting the "Make Money the Easy Way EXPOSED" Ebook (available free below).  [ebk1022]

Just $1.29

by Hermit

“I bought the above ebook (Make Money The Easy Way) for just a couple of dollars, but it ended up costing me hundreds. This ebook tells you why. Please don't act on the above ebook before you've read this one. And just to make sure you can read this one, I'll include it free when you buy the one above (Make Money The Easy Way).”   [ebk1023]

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