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From: Hermit

Date: Wednesday, October 17, 2018

Dear reader,

Ten years ago I wrote an ebook on Tattooing - (See it on Amazon.) It took three or four weeks to write.

I remember that momentous day well. There was a big football game on ("State of Origin", Australia) and we were going to our friends' place for dinner and to watch the game with them.

Well, that day I finished writing
my tattooing ebook, and uploaded it to Amazon to sell.  That night, just before we left home, I checked with Amazon - and I had made my first sale!!  What excitement!!  I was a published Author!!

My Tattooing ebook never became a best-seller, but for over ten years it has sold steadily, and it has brought me in thousands of dollars over the years.  It is the best paid few weeks of work I have ever done.

The best thing is, it only took a few weeks to write and post online, and it has kept on bringing in the money for over 10 years, and I see no reason why it won't continue to do so for another 10 years or more.

This is the miracle of passive income - you do the work once and get paid forever.

I now have seven ebooks selling on Amazon (see them here and here), and my own ebook site at

Are you a frustrated writer?  Do you suspect you have a book inside you that you really should (and would like to) get out into the real world?

Do you need extra income and feel that writing would be a great way to bring in some future income?

Writing is a great way to make money.  You can do it at times that suit you - it fits around everything else you have to do each day.  You can do it at home - no long commute. You can even do it in your underpants.

And today it is better than it has ever been before. You know with certainty that if you can finish writing, your book will be published (as an ebook). You can do the work yourself - it's in your hands from conception to publication.  You can even take your project to completion without spending a cent, using free software that's out there - we'll show you where.

This is the revolution of publishing.  You no longer need to convince a publisher that your book will make a profit.  There is no long print run to be paid for before any money is generated.  There is no high transportation costs for the finished product, nor shelves to be filled in book stores.

You write it.  You format it into a Kindle ebook.  You upload it to the largest bookstore in the world - Amazon.  You receive royalties for every copy sold - for years to come.  It's as easy as that!

But there is a second group of people who may be interested in the Kindle Publishing System.  These are people who want to build a business online selling e-products.

When you purchase the Kindle Publishing System, you have the option to also purchase the Resell Rights License.  (I have made this product with Resell Rights as cheap as possible.)

Purchase this, and you will also receive a web Sales Page like the one you are reading now, a squeeze page, and a download page, as well as all the graphics and images you see on this page.

You can then place these pages on your own website, and sell the whole system to others - keeping every cent of the proceeds.  You can sell it from your own website, or you can sell it on Ebay, other reseller's sites, from social media (Facebook, for instance), and any number of other outlets. You can even sell your ebook from Hermit's Ebooks.

The wise person might use both streams of income.  Use the system to get your own ebook out there, and resell the System to others to make some extra dollars as well.

Are you tired of all the hype about making money online and throwing your hands up in frustration, day after day? Continuously hearing about this method or that method that will make you instantly rich?

Unfortunately that’s the same story a lot of us online have experienced; empty promises that end up going no where.

What I have put before you is a way to make money online that’s truly legitimate, a no-nonsense method that’s growing at an unprecedented rate with all signs indicating that it will continue to do so for a long time to come.

A proven business model with one of the largest companies in the world, and that company is Amazon!

How would you like to tap into one of the Hottest Niche Markets on the Web?

By the year 2019 ebook sales are expected to grow to over $3 billion dollars ...

Ebooks are changing the face of the publishing industry as we know it.

Well the creator of this package has done some extensive research and now offers you a killer product for you today that will reveal how you can make money online as a Kindle Publisher. A product that can generate non-stop Kindle Sales month after month on autopilot.

The Secret for Generating a Long Term
Passive Income is Here...

Introducing, the ...

Kindle Publishing System

Kindle Publishing System

Lets take a closer Look at the Kindle Publishing System and What
 You Will Be Learning Today...

Module 1

Module 1:

Learn the differences between traditional and self publishing...

Kindle Publishing Reports

Module 2:

Learn about the Kindle Bookstore and what it is...

Module 3

Module 3:

Learn how to understand your readers and what they expect...

Module 4

Module 4:

Learn if you should target a specific Niche Audience or use...

Kindle Publishing Reports

Module 5:

Learn about Kindle pricing Strategies...

Module 6

Module 6:

Learn about Professional or Self-Editing methods and what is best...

Module 4

Module 7:

Learn about the Importance of Creating Attention Grabbing ecovers...

Kindle Publishing Reports

Module 8:

Learn about using Specific advertising Techniques to promote your Kindle ebook...

Module 6

Module 9:

Learn Step by Step How to Publish your ebook on the KDI Network...

Kindle Publishing Reports

Module 10:

Final Recap and Summary, Bringing it all together...

Here Is What You Are Getting...

10-professionally created MP4 Video Modules...
10-professionally created MP3 audio files...
Kindle Publishing System EBOOK
Mind Maps

Plus Secret Bonuses that you will love!

But wait, there's more ...

When  you buy the Kindle Publishing System we are going to throw in a few very useful bonus gifts for you - ebooks that you'd have to pay good money for on other hermitsebooks pages.

Amazon Navigator Amazon Navigator

Discover how you can harness the power of the Internet's greatest retail giant and get your content seen and read by more people than you ever thought possible!"

How to Create an Ebook
How to Create an Ebook

This ebook will guide you through creating your own PDF ebook with step-by-step illustrated instructions.

Create Your Own Ebook Without Writing A Word
Create Your Own Ebook

without ever writing a word!
There's more than one way to produce a quality ebook without you having to do the hard work writing it.

Make Money Writing
Make Money Writing

For the aspiring author, stay-at-home mum, unemployed, disabled, and anyone who would like an extra income - you can make money writing.  This report will show you how.

Kindle Riches
Kindle Riches

The easy way to publish your eBook on Kindle.

But wait, there's still more ...

When you buy the Kindle Publishing System WITH MASTER RESELL RIGHTS  we will also give you another 5 bonus ebooks  about making money reselling ebooks ...
Resell Rights Renegade
101 Ways to Boost Your Sales of RR, MRR and PLR* Information Products

*Resell Rights, Master Resell Rights, and Private Label Rights  Information Products

100 Resell Rights Formulas
100 Resell Rights Formulas

Many strategies for selling ebooks.

Internet Marketing Tips
Internet Marketing Tips and Techniques

Here's some great ideas for marketing ebook products on the Internet.

12 Point Checklist For Building An Online Business
12 Point Checklist
for Building An Online Business.

People just like you are running spare-time businesses on the Internet and making good money with little outlay and little upkeep. You can do it too!

Make Money With Autoresponders
Make Money With Autoresponders

Very few people buy a product the first time they see it. And once they've left your website, they may never return.

Overcome this by using autoresponders to continue to market to your site visitors after they have gone.

That's 10 Top Bonuses That You Will Love!

Get Instant Access Right Now!!!

Yes! I want to get this awesome product right now. I understand that I am backed by your 30 days, no question asked, money back guarantee.

Kindle Publishing System With Personal Use License $4.69
Note: You will not receive the Sales Pages, Images, and Resell Rights Licence. You are not permitted to resell this product.

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or ...
Kindle Publishing System With MRR License

Note: You will receive the Master Resell Rights License, the Sales Pages and Images. You will be able to sell this product and keep all the profits.

Purchase Now
What you can do...

[YES] Can be sold, recommend $10 minimum to keep the value secure.
[YES] Can be added into PAID membership sites with personal use only
[YES] Can be offered as a bonus to a paid product.
[YES] Can be sold with personal use only on auction sites and website marketplace.
[YES] Can sell master resell rights, minimum $15.00

What you can't do...

[NO] Cannot sell or give away private label rights to this package.
[NO] Can be given away to build your list!
[NO] Can be sold as a WSO
[NO] Can be offered as a Bonus for a WSO
[NO] Can add to free membership sites

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