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Have you ever wondered when the hard times trying to install scripts will come to an end?

Tired of Wasting Money and Time on Script Installations?
End up Paying $30.00 ... $40.00... or even $50.00 for Installation services? Every time?

Then read carefully ... YOU ARE NOT ALONE ...

script installations ebook

Over the past few years I have visited many internet forums. Everywhere there were many questions popping up ...
  •  Where to find this script?
  •  How to install this script?
  •  What is the reason for this error?
  •  Can anybody help? I will pay.
  •  How to upload cgi files?
  •  What permissions I have to setup?

So I thought ... 'Why can't I write a report to answer these questions? But in a SIMPLE AND UNDERSTANDABLE WAY'.

Are you one of the persons who asked any of the above questions in the forums? Can you count the number of hours you have sat in front of your monitor trying to figure out what CGI means, let alone what it does? Well, you're not alone and someone has finally done it and here it is!

This is NOT just another jumble of paragraphs that have been thrown together in a hasty attempt to increase page count or add value to a poorly written product.

The instructions literally takes you by the hand and guides you step-by-step through the mysterious land of installing. And, it is written in a style that guarantees understanding by any novice.

Our Simple, Step-by-step Image based instructions teach you:
  • 7 Rules of Any script installation.
  • What you need to go through a smooth installation.
  • Free resources that are very useful for your script installations.
  • How to configure, upload and chmod ... Explained with images.
  • How to deal with script errors.
  • How to telnet ... Explained with images.
  • Most commonly used Telnet commands.
  • How to manage Mysql databases.
More importantly, a practice session of Installing a REAL CGI SCRIPT!

You will get a FREE Click tracking script that you can configure, upload and run on your web site.

Username: demo
Password: demo

You are free to use this tracking script on your web site to -
  • Track banner link tracking
  • Email link clicks
  • Advertising campaigns
  • Any url tracking
  • You will get date ,time, ip and referer of the click
  • Easy admin panel
  • Easy to manage text database
  • Edit links anytime ...
Sample Images to explain things better!

G'day Radhika,

Boy, am I glad I signed up to your CGI Center. Your Guide is simply priceless. This brilliant step-by-step tutorial taught me more in 30 minutes than all the fat books I bought in the last 6 months. Now, CGI script installation is no longer a confusing mystery. This is essential information for anyone who wishes to be a competent webmaster. 10/10! I'm impressed!

Andrew Oscianko

Hi Radhika,

Regarding you service, I must say that you have been more than helpful to me. Your willingness to keep with the project to solve any problems has been invaluable and encouraging at times when it looked hopeless to me. Thank you for your help and I will be more than happy to recommend your service to my friends.

Paul Harper

My Testimonial to your service, Radhika,

CGI ebook is highly comprehensive - you will learn everything needed to know in order to get cgi scripts up and running. As a Perl software developer myself, I can see that the authors know exactly what they are talking about. The tutorials are so well written that they deserve a few bucks from my pocket.

Thank you for your help. The CGI site has been very helpful as well!!!

Peace & Blessings,
Michael Ian Pamphlet

All this - how much it costs? JUST $7.00 !! Yes, you heard right ...

ONLY $7.00 !!

Why $7.00? A meagre $7.00?

1. There are many newbie webmasters who are on tight budget. So report will reach vast majority of webmasters.

2. You also get to sell this report. So you keep 100% of that selling price for yourself. So $7.00 is a catch ... You wouldn't mind spending on it for an ebook, click tracking script and reseller license of the ebook ...

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For the price of a McDonald's lunch, you will be getting an ebook that you can sell, and the free click-tracking script that can be downloaded from the ebook by your customer!!

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P.P.S: Not satisfied? We wil give you 100% of your money back within a period of 4 weeks.

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