Betfair - The Ultimate Guide


This is a brand new eBook for 2006. If you bet with a traditional bookmaker and would like to join thousands of Betfair users enjoying far better odds, this is the eBook for you.

When you join Betfair, using the code in this eBook, you will be credited with a free 20 bet after you have gained 50 Betfair points, you can achieve this really quickly. You will also be rewarded with a bonus after three months based on the amount you bet.

This eBook is designed for the beginner and covers everything from joining to making money with a betting/ investment system. This is a system I currently use to make money on Betfair.

Please note, this is not a get rich quick betting system, (they don't work). The system makes very small amounts in the early days if you are using a small betting bank,(200). This can accumulate into a large sum of money if used with an investment into your betfair account every month; I recommened 20 per month to make this work effectively. If you do not expect overnight riches, this is the system for you.

These are just a few things you will learn from the eBook

1. How to open an account and receive a free 20 bet

2. What events to bet on

3. What those odds and money values mean

4. How to back or lay at under Betfairs minimum 2.00

5. An introduction to in play betting

6. My laying system ( For maximum growth I recommend a small top up to your betfair account every month)

7. An introduction to a system that is making many punters regular monthly income. ( Well worth the asking price).

Everything is straight-forward and easy-to-follow with screen shots to take you through each procedure. Following the instructions in this eBook and sticking to the rules, you should be able to make regular money on Betfair, eventually building your betting bank big enough to give you a second monthly income.

Many thanks for looking.


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