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Thank you for visiting Hermit's Ebooks. Here you can choose from hundreds of titles that you can download and read, on your Kindle, Nook, Sony or other ebook reader, on your tablet or on-screen. We have a wide range of topics, so you are sure to find something that you like. We also carry software packages (computer programs) that may be useful to you.

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Backing Up Billy Bunter

Backing Up Billy Bunter

If you don't know Billy Bunter, you need to make his aquaintance.  These are stories of an overweight and under-brained young student at Greyfriars Public School.  The mischief and mayhem that surrounds and follows this poor boy is a wonder to behold, and most entertaining.

In this ebook, Bunter's family experiences a financial reversal which means Bunter may have to compete for a scholarship to continue his education at Greyfriars. Poor Billy may have the best intentions in the world, but his follow-through is lacking, so he enlists the aid of fellow-students to keep his nose in the books.

Meanwhile, another student risks expulsion to deliver some "payback" to a nearby camper.

The Billy Bunter books are enjoyable light comedy, but are NOT politically correct. [ebk1204]

Free Ebooks Billy Bunter

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Write, Create, Promote and Sell Your Own Ebooks

Write, Promote and Sell Your Own Ebook

by Dirk Dupon and Hermit Green

There has been an unprecedented revolution in writing and publishing. Now anyone can not only write a book (ebook), but publish it on the Internet and make good money!

• No trying to convince a conventional publisher that your book will be a money-maker.

• No huge expensive print run, transportation and putting costly inventory on shelves

Now you can do it all yourself!!

This is a NEW, UPDATED and EXPANDED edition containing all the information you need to become an "Indie" (i.e., a new independent author and self-publisher). It also contains a wealth of links to web sites where you can obtain all the services you need for FREE!

Hermit Green has updated this ebook so it is right up-to-date (June 2018).   Hermit has been online since the early days of the 'net, and has run HermitsEbooks.com (this site) for more than 10 years.  He is a keen full-time author.  [ebk1001]

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Make Web and Ebook Design Images
Make Web and Ebook Design Images
Graphic Design Academy

Make Ebook Covers and Web Graphics

If you are building a website, or making cover graphics for an ebook, here is everything you need to know to use FREE ONLINE SOFTWARE to make all kinds of images and graphics. I use this software all the time for my many ebook covers and web page headers, etc.

You will receive:

• 12 tutorial videos (MP4s), • audio lectures, • ebook, • Private Label Rights Licence, • Sales page (with graphics), • download page (with graphics), • Done-for-you sales funnel, • Marketing Graphics, • Banners (static and animated), • Webinar Bonus (How I Drove 168 Thousand clicks to my website with just one graphic), • Lead Capture Page and Ebook Delivery Page, • Free Report "Seven Ways To Make Money with Graphic Design".

This collection really will enable you to create your own images and graphics and save a fortune.  [ebk1189]

Make Ebook Covers and Web GraphicsMake Ebook Covers and Web GraphicsMake Ebook Covers and Web Graphics - VideosListen to Audio Recordings
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Earn £300 Per Week With Your Digital Camera

Ebook Cover

The author reveals how he earns a minimum of £1200 per month working from his home, using his digital camera and home computer.

"It's a well-known fact that you'll never get rich working for somebody else, but it's very hard to see this until you are self-employed. When you actually get around to making the move and start working for yourself, you will ask yourself, as I do each and every day, why didn't I do this years ago?" This ebook is in PDF format only.  [ebk1002]

This info-product comes with Master Resell Rights
Just $1.29

Wonderful Wedding Favors and Gifts

Wonderful Wedding Favors and Gifts

Now You Can Have The Wedding Of Your Dreams Without Spending A Small Fortune !

Make Your Own Wonderful Wedding Favors And Gifts For Pleasure, Profit, Joy and Happy Memories!

Every blushing bride wants to have a memorable and romantic wedding that will be remembered for years with pleasant memories by all that attend.

It is not expensive catering and thousand dollar dresses that create lasting memories. [ebk1005]

Just $1.29  |  Read More

How To Create A Web Site In 5 Days

A Website In 5 DaysDo you want your own business web site without having to spend thousands of dollars hiring someone to create one for you? Are you an online entrepreneur who's just starting out without a thousand dollar budget?

A website is essential to your online business, and a very big asset for an offline business also. You can produce your own professional looking website, using affordable and free tools, in just 5 days (or even quicker). This ebook is your starting point, and will guide you through the process.   [ebk1145]

Just $1.29 | More Info

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